Plan creates safe entrance to Milaca schools

Milaca Schools are excited about the new addition to the building. As with any new project, there are adjustments that need to be made when everything is complete. The new plan creates a safe entrance for students and parents to access the buildings. Please take special precaution and practice patience through this adjustment time.
Bus area
Busses will again be using the south lot as the drop off/pick up area. Vehicles will not be allowed access to the bus area throughout the day. The bus area has one entrance and exit. There is a an area on the west end for busses to turn and exit after their drop off or pick up.
Staff/visitor parking
The parking lot next to Highway 23 has been extended to include over 60 additional parking spots. As you enter off of Highway 23, you can take an immediate right into the lot. As you enter off of 3rd Avenue, you can take an immediate left into the lot as well.
Student drop-off
and pick up
Parents choosing to drop off and pick up their child before or after school will need to use the north entrance off 3rd Avenue (also known as the “Athletic Entrance”). This entrance will be gated from 8:15 a.m. to 2:55 p.m. As parents enter and head west, there will be a painted turnaround that directs parents to loop around and pick up their children along the sidewalk by the school. PLEASE NOTE: Those picking up or dropping off students are not allowed to park and leave vehicles anywhere on this loop.
During the school day
Parents picking up or dropping off children between 8:15 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. must use the south parking lot where 15 minute visitor parking is available.
Walking students into the building
Parents choosing to walk their children into the building in the morning, may park their vehicles on 3rd Avenue or the parking lot along Highway 23 and walk in through the front Elementary Office door 4. Parents will not be able to walk their child in through the north entrances. They must enter through the front office.
Student walkers
All walkers should exit the south doors of the building and walk east to the city sidewalks to travel home. This will allow access to the Safe Routes to School sidewalk on the north side of the property. Additional staff will be present to help with safe walking routes as well.
This adjustment may take some getting used to. There will be multiple adult supervisors to help work through this change. Thank you for your patience and cooperation keeping students safe.