Letter: ‘In God we Trust:’ Are those scary words?

“In God We Trust”
Are those scary words for you?
What do those words mean to you?
To me personally, they mean a lot. But for the purpose of this letter, let’s keep it simple, and just say it’s my center.
It is how I try to live my life, and it is the bases for the decisions I make.
In all decisions made by the city council” good or bad”, it is discussed and then voted on.
The vote on the “In God We Trust” issue was no different than any other vote taken.
In all decisions the city council makes, it effects everyone we serve, not just a few.
It is my belief that we should recognize that in all decisions we make there is a greater power that hopefully guides us.
I always pray we do the right thing, for the betterment of all the citizens of Princeton.
I heard the comment “what about the separation of church and state?” This can be attributed to Thomas Jefferson in a letter he wrote long after the Bill of Rights and Constitution were ratified, but nowhere in the United States Constitution does it say that.
What it does say is the government shall make no law’s” respecting establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise there of”.
The placing of “In God We Trust” on the wall of The City of Princeton Council Chambers is not establishing or prohibiting the expression of any religion or non-religion.
Do you know that God is recognized in are US Constitution, and in all 50 State Constitutions? How many of our court houses, federal buildings and state building’s have In God We Trust on their hallowed walls already? How many legislative bodies open their sessions with prayer?
The purpose of “In God We Trust” on the wall of council chambers, is to mean to each individual what they chose. It is a hopeful reminder to all elected officials to think outside themselves and remember we are blessed and to govern with understanding.
It has been said I am blocking people on my personal facebook account. This is true. That account is for family and friends to share their joys and sorrows. It has never been a political form for me and never will. However if you check, I do have a political account for citizens concerns.
Another comment about face to face questions. Guess I would have to ask who? The only person to ask me anything did so as a passing comment, and I offered to talk with them more if they choose.
I have and will continue to answer questions that are posed to me. I don’t have to hide from my beliefs,
But because I may not agree with you or you with me, is no cause to show disrespect.
In closing God did not say worship on Sundays and then take the rest of the week off. God is greater than the four walls of your religious gathering space.
Take a look around, does not the City of Princeton along with the rest of the World need God.
The good news is, God is there for all of us. We just have to “Trust”

Paul Whitcomb, mayor, City of Princeton