Milaca school committee decides no fence makes sense

Board Member Brandon Baker reported at the Aug. 17 Milaca School Board meeting that the building and grounds committee had discussed but decided against the possibility of erecting a fence around the new stormwater-retention utility now built into the front lawn of the school complex.
The decision followed concerns that were raised over kids possibly being drawn to basin, which sometimes has standing water. The contractor had advised that once vegetation grows in around it, it will hold less water and be less noticeable.
The professionals had said they’ve installed many such features and there aren’t usually any safety issues. Board and committee member Todd Quaintance agreed and said if the retention pond proved to be a problem, a fence could be installed later.
Board Member Sarah Ploeger asked why the district would wait for something to happen to a child before installing safety measures. She said the hole had contained standing water almost constantly since it was installed, and there was concern about kids’ safety. Ploeger reasoned that if she had a pool at home, code would require a fence around it for safety.
Baker said there are some other safety precautions in place, such as adult playground and parking lot supervisors to shepherd kids past the water feature. Ploeger remained doubtful about not having the fence but said the extra eyes and ears of monitors would help with safety.