News of the Region: Issue of Sept. 7

‘Pickle Princess’ wins big at the State Fair
Just five years after canning her first pickle, Teresa Craig has won big at the Minnesota State Fair.
Craig, of Elk River, captured two blue ribbons in the Gedney Foods Contest. One was for the best dill pickle recipe and the other for the best vegetable, which was a cucumber, carrot and radish mixture with a Thai seasoning that Craig developed.
Teresa Craig is pictured by the winning Gedney contest entries.
She received a $150 prize for each winner and there’s a chance that her pickles could be featured in Gedney’s State Fair product line.
Craig also won ribbons in several other State Fair canning categories
This is her third year competing at the State Fair. She also won a Gedney first prize in 2015 for her pickle relish. In 2016, her bread and butter pickles placed second in one of the fair canning contests.
Craig taught herself to make pickles after getting her first canner at the age of 30. Now she develops her own recipes.
– Elk River Star News

Court dismisses murder charge against Jerad Whitford
The Morrison County District Court has dismissed a third degree murder charge against Jerad Michael Whitford, 24, Little Falls, but prosecutors have already filed an appeal against the decision.
The charge stems from the June 13, 2016 death of Travis Scherping, allegedly of a heroin overdose.
Prosecutors argued that because Whitford allegedly played a role in acquiring heroin for Callie Mains Statema, who is also charged with third degree murder in the case, he should also be charged with third degree murder.
The state equated Whitford’s alleged role to that of a dealer who sold heroin to someone who shared it with another individual who overdosed, court documents said.
Judge Douglas Anderson said in his decision that equating Whitford’s alleged actions to that of a drug dealer isn’t accurate.
He said Whitford allegedly gave Statema the heroin, and she then gave it to Scherping.
– Morrison Co. Record

Solar eclipse experience more amazing than anticipated
The experience of seeing the solar eclipse, Aug. 21, was more powerful than Cheryl Waltman of Little Falls and her daughter, Rachel of Eden Prairie, had initially anticipated.
The mother-daughter team traveled to Scotts Bluff, Neb. to see the eclipse, Aug. 21. Even though they had scheduled to visit other cities, Rachel said their vacation was planned around the eclipse.
Rachel, who works as a freelance photographer, hoped to get some really nice shots of the eclipse.
Since she wanted a part of the landscape to show up with her eclipse photos, she used a widening lens, she said.
Wherever they went, Cheryl and Rachel ran into people who were all heading to watch the eclipse from various spots. Many wore shirts that read “Eclipse 2017.”
“It was unbelievable. People came from all over. Many spoke in languages I had never heard and I think we saw license tabs from about every state in the country,” Cheryl said.
– Morrison Co. Record