Princeton receives 17 applications for administrator

Princeton – The Princeton City Council set a time at its Sept. 7 workshop to review the 17 city-administrator applications it has received. Councilmembers will gather 4:30 p.m. Sept. 20 to look over the applications and try to decide whom to interview.
Current City Administrator Mark Karnowski announced Aug. 3 he would retire sometime this fall. He offered to stay in the job until someone was hired, and a follow-up memorandum stated his retirement would become effective after a new administrator “begins working for the city.”
The Princeton City Council agreed to advertise the job on the League of Minnesota Cities’ website and in the local paper. It agreed to take applications through Aug. 25.
Mayor Paul Whitcomb confirmed after the recent workshop that as the applications have come to the city via Clerk Shawna Jenkins, they’ve been distributed to each Princeton City Council member. He said no determinations have been made of how many interviews will be conducted.
Whitcomb said each councilmember assigns each job candidate a score based on the same criteria, with a certain number of points possible per item. For example, each application could earn up to five points for its neatness and completeness.
The point system included other criteria, and the numbers represent the maximum possible:
• 5 for resume content
•10 for clarity and vision of cover letter
•10 for a degree in public administration or a related field
•20 for experience as an administrator or assistant, at two points per year
•15 for a background or experience in economic development
•10 for a master’s degree in public administration or a related field
•10 for other related education or experience
•10 for veterans preference
• 5 for disabled veterans preference.
The criteria sheet also says points can be deducted if candidates include materials not requested or have clutter within their information. Karnowski reminded everyone that the candidates’ names were not public information until after interviews have been scheduled.
According to the city’s description, a city administrator acts as chief administrative officer of the city. He or she supervises the city finance director, public works director, police chief, fire chief, planner, other staff and various city consultants for a salary range of $76,048 to $95,057.
The job requirements include a bachelor’s degree in public administration or a related field, as well as five years’ municipal experience with at least three years’ experience at a department-head level or higher.