Submit A Letter To The Editor

The Princeton Union-Eagle encourages its readers to write letters on subjects of public interest. Letters that are brief and to the point are preferred. Letters should be kept to one page in length, either double-spaced, typewritten, or in legible handwriting. All letters will be subject to editing. For verification purposes, letters must include the writer’s name, residential address and telephone number. The writer’s name and community of residence will be printed with all published letters.

Letters that are submitted anonymously will not be published. Letters which contain undocumented charges will not be run, nor will letters that are considered to be libelous in nature.

You can submit a letter using the following form or you can mail your letter or drop your letter off at the Princeton Union-Eagle, 208 N Rum River Drive, Princeton, MN 55371. All Letters to the Editor are submitted to Jeff Hage, Editor.

  • Please use your real name
  • For verification purposes only
  • For verification purposes only
  • If published your city of residence will be included with your letter, but please include full address for verification purposes.